Visitor Badge Technology

Rewrite technology allows you ‘print’ on to a plastic card using heat alone.  The cards have a special thermo-sensitive layer that changes colour, to either black or blue depending on which card you choose, when extreme heat is applied by the printer.

Eco-Friendly Visitor ID

The ‘old printed’ image can be removed again by running the card back through the printer to leave you with a plain white card ready to be used again.

Each rewrite card can be used up to 500 times so a rewrite system is a very sound investment, as there is also no need for any ink or ribbon so you save money on consumable costs.  As there is no waste or old cards and printer ribbons to dispose of it is an earth friendly option too!

How it works?

Our re-write visitor Badges can be used up to 500 times. These unique cards contain a thermo-chromatic material that turns visible, or vanishes, according to the applied temperature.

Simply insert into TattooRW printer, old data is wiped-off and new data is re-written. Eco-friendly and GDPR compliant