IDreception Plans and Pricing

IDreception Plans and Pricing



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Key FeaturesBasicStandardPremiumEnterprise
Real-Time Dashboard ?ticktickticktick
Unlimited Hosts ?ticktickticktick
SMS texts ?ticktickticktick
Unlimited Visits ?crosstickticktick
Custom Screens ?crosstickticktick
Custom data capture fields ?crosstickticktick
Locations ?crosscorssticktick
Multi-Tenancy ?crosscorssticktick
Managed Visits ?crosscorssticktick
Custom Questions ?crosscorssticktick
Active Directory ?crosscorssticktick
Multiple Sites ?crosscorsscrosstick

Compare Key Features

Visitor ExperienceBasicStandardPremiumEnterprise
Visitor Pre-Registration ?ticktickticktick
Touchscreen Self-Check-in ?ticktickticktick
Been here before ?ticktickticktick
Multiple Languages ?ticktickticktick
Visitor reminder notification ?ticktickticktick
Photo Capture ?ticktickticktick
Pin/QR Code for Express Check-in/Check-out ?ticktickticktick
Automatic Sign-Out ?ticktickticktick
Visitor Reminder notifications ?ticktickticktick
Tailored sign-in experience ?crosstickticktick
RFID Check-in ?crosscrossticktick
Group Visits ?crosstickticktick
Visitor BadgesBasicStandardPremiumEnterprise
Badge Designer ?crosstickticktick
Re-Print & Pre-Print Badges ?crosstickticktick
Connect to any badge printer ?crosstickticktick
Connect Multiple sign-in devices to a single printer ?crosstickticktick
Safety, Security & AuditingBasicStandardPremiumEnterprise
Fire/Muster list ?ticktickticktick
Compliance Reports ?ticktickticktick
Data Storage ?ticktickticktick
Data Encryption ?ticktickticktick
SMS Alerts ?crosstickticktick
Visual Identification ?crosstickticktick
GDPR Mirroring ?crosstickticktick
Two factor Authentication ?crosstickticktick
Upload Work-Permits/Documentation ?crosscrossticktick