Check-in Multi-Visit

Using Pin or QR codes your visitors or contractors can check-in and check-out within a defined date period using the same Pin and/or QR code, speeding up the check-in process

Any Printer, Anywhere

Print any Badge, Any size, to suit any application of workflow requirements. Everything from PVC cards, paper tickets to special work permits for contractors, we’ll advise on the best configuration for your application.

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QR Codes

For security reasons, iLobby automatically captures an image of every visitor to your facility and stores it within your customer portal for easy retrieval.

Smart Visitor Badges

IDreception prints custom visitor badges that help employees easily recognise visitors as well as their credentials, clearance levels and access durations. Ask about our re-write print technology.


Streamline Group Sign-in

Allow visitors to sign-in with “plus ones” or pre-register and send invite emails to multiple guests at once or skip self-registration all together, and sign in groups from the dashboard.

Multiple Visits Pin & QR

Recurring visitors can be expedited through the registration process using Pin or QR codes which are activated or deactivated within a defined timeline.

Multiple Locations

Manage visitors arriving at multiple locations, entrances and view activity in real-time of scheduled, on-site and checked-out visitors.

Smart Pre-registrations

Pre-register visitors prior to their visit. Send email notification confirming visit complete with location map, Pin code or QR code for express entry upon arrival.

Evacuation Mode

iLobby assists during emergency evacuations by dispatching notifications to all employees letting them know that there is an evacuation in effect.


Emergency SMS

Send SMS messages to staff and/or visitors with any personalised message direct from the dashboard

Fire Muster Lists

Print or email live visitor evacuation lists in a drill or real emergency instantly to your fire wardens.

Delivery Alert

Get notified when a delivery arrives on host that requires a collection and a signature

Host Email & SMS

Sends automatic visitor notifications to the host via email and/or SMS text, alerting them of their guest’s arrival, pick-up location, on-site status and visitor check-out time

Check-out Reminders

Keep your fire list up to date, notify host if the visitor has not checked-out. Alternatively, the dashboard can be set to check visitors out automatically

Visitor Kiosk

Any Device & Touchscreen

iPads, Windows PC’s and Android tablets and touchscreens and can be tailored to suit you’re IT infrastructure.

Buildings Multi-Tenanted

Manage multi visits per day by single visitor. Like couriers or contractors using our managed visitor option in the dashboard

Expiry Work Permits

Keep track of work permit expiry dates directly from the visitors dashboard.

Multilingual Ready

Let your visitors choose the language of their choice by selecting from the touchscreen when registering.

Re-write Print Technology

Our environmentally friendly card printing technology enables the same plastic to be printed and erased up to 500 times, ensuring your company is GDPR compliant.

Visitor Image Capture

For enhanced security, automatically capture the image of every visitor to your facility, storing it on the visitor card for easy retrieval.


Custom Identification

Customise your lanyards and re-writable visitor badges with your corporate identity.

Custom Data Capture

Tailor the sign-in experience to visitors and why they’re visiting. Capture the data you need for each visit.

Client Branding

Brand – The welcome: Design custom screens, with your corporate colours and logos to fully reflect your brand.

Smart Workflow

Builds a series of check-in screens based on your visitor’s answers. If a visitor is only visiting your office and not the associated factory, they will only see the screens relevant to the office building.