ID12 Locking Tablet & iPad Kiosk Stand

Kiosk stand for visitor management sing in Ipad/tablet

The Sign in Ipad/Tablet premium kiosk stand is an state of the art stand with changing magnetic panels to adjust the graphics, messaging or branding.

The premium kiosk stand offers a full range of features that lets you brand your business from the reception.


The kiosk stand has an opening in the top and bottom, allowing for air to be vented out. Cool air is gathered at the bottom and moves upwards passing the tablet, removing all excess heat from the top vent slots. The stand allows Ipad/tablet to function with normal temperatures.

Hidden Cables

The kiosk allows for wires to be hidden and the device to be plugged in the whole time. Keep your foyer clean.


The kiosk stand comes with front and back magnetic printed panels to display your brand. Multiple graphic panels can be customised and changed in seconds to suit your brand. The panels are painted with high-gloss white finish with brushed aluminium accents.



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