The era of digital receptionist with IDreception

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The demise of manual visitor books and their lack of compliance has created our new IDreception visitor management system. IDreception visitor management system replaces the manual registration of staff & visitors in any size of an organisation and is compliant with GDPR. Our IDreception system will create the first impression of your organisations brand. IDreception comes with 25+ features which also includes ID card visitor badge printing. It is important to move with society and a lot of organisations in Ireland are moving towards this technology. According to recent research, “companies will spend €105 trillion on digital transformation this year, which marks a 17.9 per cent increase compared to 2018” (The Irish Times, 2019).

Compliance with GDPR

IDreception is compliant with GDPR & is the perfect visitor management system for replacing manual visitor books. IDreception is a solution that ensures compliance with security, health and safety regulations, configure site notices, and legal documents while storing audited data for future retrieval. In 2018 fines of up to 4% of annual turnover were issued to organisations that failed to comply with GDPR. DBC group helps organisations to stay compliant to GDPR with IDreception.

Why choose IDreception

  • Custom tailored to your organisations brand
  • Customised ID badges for visitors & contractors
  • Health & safety compliant
  • Stores data in the cloud and server applications in accordance with GDPR
  • High-security protection
  • Constantly upgrading and evolving.

Features of IDreception

DBC Group provides a one-stop solution to enhance the whole visitor and contractor experience. The experience can be enhanced with features and add-ons which can be implemented and customised. Features include check-in/out, notifications dashboard, alerts, audits and compliance. You can also add multiple kiosks, badge printers and customised lanyards. The Idreception package can be tailored to suit any size organisation.

The one-stop solution for visitor management system is IDreception, which is GDPR compliant. To book in a consultation and free trial contact us today on 014602200.