GDPR, BRC Auditing & Security monitoring

GDPR compliance

Our Visitor management system is an electronic visitor sign-in book which enables organisations to manage and control and audit visitors onto their premises. Food companies use our system to Audit visits for British Retail Consortium (BRC) compliance, FM companies for fire lists in multi-tenant buildings, government organisations for contractor management and GDPR compliant sign-in process.

Three ways to increase security:

  • Track visitors: The visitor sign-in system tracks visitors from the moment they enter your premises until they sign out of the system. This provides the organisation with a sense of security knowing who still is in the building and who has left.
  • Professional looking ID cards: Visible ID cards help distinguish and identify your visitors, contractors or VIPS’s from your staff. We use re-write technology (Watch video) which allows visitor details to be printed onto plastic PVC cards. ID cards look professional but most importantly they are environmentally friendly and GDPR compliant. Our unique cards coupled with our re-write print allows the same plastic card to be re-used up to 500 times. For GDPR compliance old details are instantly over-written and new details are applied.
  • Generate Muster/fire lists: The visitor management system helps create evacuation lists for the fire wardens of the building. In the interest of individuals these lists can be emailed and emergency SMS texts can be created.

The one-stop solution for visitor management system is IDreception, which increases security in any organisation. To book in a consultation and free trial contact us today on 014602200.